We've been training users since 2002

Now you have implemented the zoho crm product, now what?  The next obstacle is increasing user adoption and buy in from your team.  We've found the biggest challenge is training.  We have trained thousands of end users on CRM products and know  what works.  We offer several zoho crm training options based on what works best for you.

  •  On premise - we have gone all over the US to offer training services, but most of our onsite Zoho Training classes are in the Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale and Miami areas, we will come to your location and train your users on everyday use of zoho crm.  You will need to purchase our training books $70 plus shipping  for each of your attendees and they will each need their own pc.   There will be exercises for the users to complete.  This is a very hands on class for the end users and usually takes 8 hours with a working lunch.  We bill hourly for this training plus a 1 hour site visit fee.
  • Web based - we recommend this approach if we are training one or two users.  This is the same training as the on premise zoho crm training.  We will perform a web based training and we will logon to your users pc's .  They will perform the same exercises as the on premise training and if they have any challenges we will be right there to assist.  Virtual web based trainings can be broken up into multiple days with no extra fees.
  •  Train-the-trainer - this is the same as the web based training, but we are only training one person and then they can go back and pick and choose what they think will be valuable for their end users.  This is an hourly charge and usually takes 4 hours.
  •  Quick Q&A - a webinar where we will demo the areas of zoho crm or zoho one that you are interested in and can offer quick guidance and feedback about the areas you are interested in.  This would be an hourly charge.