What's new in Zoho CRM 2019

August 13,2019 02:36 PM

Here's the latest updates on Zoho CRM for 2019



Mandatory fields in Workflow Tasks
All the mandatory fields marked by the user will be displayed in workflow tasks. Also, merge field values can be entered using the # symbol.
Break Hours in Shift Hours
In every shift hour you can mention the break timings that will ensure user's availability during a particular shift
UI Enhancement
The line style UI is replaced with box style UI and you can type the functions directly into the currency fields. Also, while adding line items you can use inline option to add or remove items.
List view categories
Custom list views can be categorized as Public Views and Other Users' Views in addition to Favourites, Created by Me and Shared with Me.


Zia Voice for Android

Now you can make a call or chat with Zia, to get answers for your questions in Zoho CRM from your android devices.

Create Parent-Child Relationship
Create a parent-child relationship between different campaigns when they take place in an order and monitor their performance more accurately.
Zoho Webinar Integration
Integrate with Zoho Webinar to create webinars from Zoho CRM's Campaigns module. You can also create polls in the webinar and view your interaction with the participants.
Zoho Survey Integration
Create surveys from Zoho CRM's Campaigns module and send invitation to your leads or contacts.
Allow customers to book a meeting with you
Allow your customers to book meetings with your teams or particular users by selecting available date and time slots.
Associate and Dissociate records from the related list
Create relationships between records by associating a record with multiple records from the related list. These records can be dissociated individually or in bulk.
Zoho Backstage Integration
Create events in Zoho Backstage from Zoho CRM's campaigns module and invite leads and contacts as participants. Also, monitor the performance of the event from the record's detail page.
Modify reminder and repeat type of recurring tasks
Edit the repeat configuration and reminders of a task and set custom repeat types by defining particular day, date or month of repeat. Also, send notifications while creating a task for another user or when a task is completed.
Customize the CRM setup page
The existing menus and the sub-menus in the setup page can be renamed as per your preference. You can also add other applications as widgets and access them from CRM
View categories in Dashboards
The dashboards in your CRM account can be categorized as favourites, created by me, shared with me, public, and other user's dashboards.
Find out how Zia got the answer for your question
Explore the path Zia took to answer your questions. You can view the module and the criteria that it applied to get you the answer.
Identifying duplicate records during record creation
In the Leads module, whenever a duplicate record is entered the user will be alerted about an existing record. The record's and the record owner's name will be displayed upon hovering the 'view lead' button. If multiple duplicates are present they can be merged.
Locking and unlocking records in approval process
A record will be automatically locked if someone other than the record owner edits it, such that the criteria mentioned for approval is met upon edit. Additionally, any record that is pending for approval will be unlocked in case the approval process is deleted from the CRM system. Also upon rejection of a record it can be resubmitted within the next 60 days.
Enhancements in refreshing Sandbox
Refresh your Sandbox once in three days to view the latest CRM changes. Also, any changes deployed in the last 6 months will be displayed under the deployment logs after refreshing.
Monitor the finance flow of your event in Zoho Backstage
The bar chart of the finance flow is now replaced with a waterfall chart, that displays the rise and fall of revenue generation from your event in Zoho Backstage. The graph captures the cumulative result of details such as: total amount acquired from Sponsors and Tickets, Revenue from Deals, Gross Revenue, Expenditure, and the Net Amount.
Lead conversion mapping for subforms
The subform present in the leads module can be mapped with the subforms present in the Contacts, Accounts, and Deals modules in the respective layouts. During lead conversion, the field values in the subform will be captured accordingly
Clone your Blueprints
Any existing blueprint can be cloned into other layouts. While cloning, new states and transitions can be added, or states from the existing process can be mapped to the values in the fresh layout.

Enhancements in Assignment Rules
In assignment rules, conditions can be specified for users based on which the records will be assigned. You can also specify the default user to whom the records which do not satisfy those conditions will be assigned. The availability of the user can also be checked based on the online status and shift timing before assigning the records.

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