Automating your date description field in an invoice

August 01,2019 11:09 AM

How can you add a date to the description field while sending a recurring invoice?

Do you send out recurring invoices?  We do, and the biggest challenge is that clients want to know which month our invoice is for.  With Zoho Books you can automatically enter next week, month, year in the description or a date range, here's how

To add or subtract days,months or years, simply use the “+” and “-” keys. Eg: %(d+15)%,%(m+3)%,%(y)% results in 15 days and 3 months being added.

Note : The placeholders functions are very context specific, so please take care with the way they’re used.

Example : To add one month, use ‘%m+1%’ rather than ‘%d+30%’ since the latter would see your date jump from March 1’st to March 31’st (an addition of 30 days) and not April 1’st like required.

You can see the full kb on this issue here