Zoho Books how do i reconcile credit card transactions

July 15,2019 08:28 AM

You are reconciling your bank statement and credit card charges don't show up

When a credit card transaction is received Zoho Books puts the payment  in another "bank account"  

  1. Go to banking, go down to your credit card account.  the account will be called "merchant account name" clearing.  For example if you use We Pay as your merchant account, the bank account will be called WePay Clearing
  2. The physical funds are already in your regular bank account but you also need to move the funds from the credit card clearing account to your bank account in Zoho Books.  To do this select your transaction you want to move to your account
  3. Then at the top of the page select Add Transaction
  4. In the drop down menu under expense, select transfer to another account
  5. On the right side of the screen you will select the bank account the funds go into and other details
  6. Now when you reconcile your account the deposit is available to clear in your regular bank account